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SMS Glossary

Auto Responder

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Auto Responder : Instant Feedback to the Sender

auto responderAuto responders can be set up with NetMessenger to either return a standard reply to all messages received or, more commonly, to send a specific response to the receipt of a message containing a set keyword.

You might use the first option in a couple of ways. Firstly you might want to return your contact details and/or opening hours to anyone sending you a message. Secondly you could select a standard response to be returned outside of working hours or during holiday times. Do remember though that each message consumes a message credit so there will be a small cost associated with auto responders.

The use of keywords with an auto responder opens many doors. It basically enables you to set up a series of messages triggered by receipt of a keyword. For example an estate agent might include a property code on a For Sale board. Texting that code in would prompt an automatic response with more details. Same could happen for a recruitment agent receiving a job code. A clothes retailer could receive codes relating to an item of clothing and return a price or stock situation. The possibilities are endless.

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