Simplify your life with Outlook Mobile Service

Seamless integration with Outlook 2007 and 2010

Using Outlook 2013? Microsoft no longer supports text messaging, but you can still use Outlook with our Email to SMS service. Find out more here.

Outlook is the second most popular email client in the world (after Gmail). If you’re one of the millions who use it, you can simplify your life by using Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) to send and receive your text messages too.

Imagine having only one program to check for emails, text messages, appointment reminders, or contact information. It’s a great option for individual users, or businesses that only send one on one or small group texts. Here are some other great features:

  • OMS lets you send texts just like you send emails. It even files them in the same sent folder as your emails.
  • Messages you compose can be sent as both an email and a text message
  • Preview your messages to see what they look like before sending
  • Text message replies can be sent to your email in Outlook, your mobile phone, or both when you use a virtual mobile number
  • Forward your emails, reminders, and appointments to your mobile manually or automatically
  • Text messages are sent via the fastsms gateway so you get the same fast speed and delivery rates of regular text messages
  • Automatically merge your contacts that have mobile numbers into a mobile address book for easy sending
  • Use settings to limit the number of messages you send via text to control costs

And because you can send messages right from inside Outlook, businesses that need to restrict employee access to the Internet often find OMS to be a great option. There’s no need for a browser, or changes in security settings to allow access to a web based service through your firewall.

“I have been looking at sending texts to my customers for a while now from within Microsoft Outlook but with little or no success. Fastsms have refreshed my faith that there are people out there offering affordable, technology driven business solutions at affordable prices with excellent customer care.”


Should I use Outlook Mobile Service?

If you answer yes to these questions, OMS might be a good match for you:

  • Do you use Outlook 2007 or 2010?
  • Do you mostly send one on one text messages, or small group messages?
  • If you’re a business do you want to limit employee access to the Internet?
  • Do you want to keep all your communication together in your existing Outlook profile?
  • Do you have, or will you buy a virtual mobile number (required for receiving replies)?

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Still aren’t sure or have questions? Learn more about our other SMS solutions for your business using the links below, or click to live chat with us, or contact us via email or by phone at 0800 954 5305.

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Our online SMS messaging tool, NetMessenger, offers the convenience of sending and receiving text messages from any device or computer connected to the Internet. With always-on access, bulk messaging capabilities, and advanced account management, NetMessenger is the number one choice of our customers. It’s as easy to use as an email program so you can get started fast.

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Email to SMS offers a simple way to send and receive SMS messages with any email client (Gmail,, Yahoo!, AOL etc) using the SMTP protocol. You can also use email to sms to add texting to any application or system that uses email. This is a great solution for integrating SMS services without having to worry about an API.

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Develop SMS solutions

Developers can use our well documented API to add SMS functionality to any application using a variety of protocols including HTTP, FTP/SCP, XML and SMTP. Whether you’re creating third party software, plugins, client projects, or working on your own company’s project our developers and customer support team are here to help answer your questions every step of the way.