Always available, always free, web-based SMS messaging service

Send, receive, and manage text messages from anywhere with NetMessenger

You’ll love the convenience of sending and receiving text messages from your browser with our NetMessenger service. It works much like an email program, so you’ll be sending messages in no time.

There are no account fees, monthly fees or other surprises. Simply pay for the messages you send and get these great features free:

  • No software or app to download
  • Send or receive (with VMN or shortcode) from any device connected to the Internet
  • Manage contacts, distribution lists, and groups
  • Templates for frequently used messages
  • Schedule when to send your messages
  • Sort and categorise received messages into folders
  • Create custom reports to track performance

“NetMessenger is really good, It gets the message through. Thanks for your great service, and everything you do :-)”

— Customer Survey 2014

Works for everyone

NetMessenger is also a powerful tool for everyone who needs to send SMS messages. Large and small businesses, individuals and clubs have all successfully used NetMessenger. And while all features are available to every user with their free account, here’s a list of the most frequently used features for different users:



  • Easily communicate with family, friends, or work even when you don’t have mobile service
  • Import all your contacts easily and even assign them to groups for quick sending
  • The costs can be much lower than an SMS plan on your current mobile provider
  • Receive reply messages to your email inbox when you use a virtual mobile number


Small businesses and clubs

  • Get started with mobile marketing quickly, easily and with just a few pence per message
  • Schedule messages to be sent ahead of time for easier management
  • Assign multiple users for easy management with allocated credits per user
  • The more messages you send, the lower each message costs
  • Create message templates for any frequently repeated message to save time
  • Use our simple API to integrate with your scheduling, management, or POS systems


Large enterprises and multinational corporations

  • Run mobile marketing campaigns to an unlimited list
  • Enable throttling for better delivery when sending over 1000 messages
  • Receive the lowest possible Tier 1 route pricing with a purchase of 1,000,000 credits or more
  • Use Tags to filter and file messages based on keywords, sender, or other criteria
  • Integrate our SMS service into your applications with our API for seamless messaging
  • Send messages internationally with our global network in 200 countries
  • Easily assign account managers, allocate credits, monitor usage, and control costs

Get started in less than a minute with our free account and receive 10 free credits!

Not ready to sign up yet? Learn more about our other SMS solutions for your business using the links below, or talk with us via live chat, email or phone.

Send from Outlook

Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) is the perfect solution for those who already use Outlook for email, scheduling and contact management. You can send and manage texts just like an email. When you pair it with a virtual mobile number, OMS will deliver your text messages to your Outlook inbox. There’s no new software to learn, just write and send.

auto responders

Send texts from any email program

Email to SMS offers a simple way to send and receive SMS messages with any email client (Gmail,, Yahoo!, AOL etc) using the SMTP protocol. You can also use email to sms to add texting to any application or system that uses email. This is a great solution for integrating SMS services without having to worry about an API.

sms gateway api

Develop SMS solutions

Developers can use our well documented API to add SMS functionality to any application using a variety of protocols including HTTP, FTP/SCP, XML and SMTP. Whether you’re creating third party software, plugins, client projects, or working on your own company’s project our developers and customer support team are here to help answer your questions every step of the way.