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Crosslight Debt Advice

Founded to help anyone in financial difficulty, Crosslight Debt Advice provides guidance, advice and support to those who need it most. They are there to offer hope and to reduce stress in their client’s lives as they provide the tools they need to rebuild their financial lives.

In order to reach their clients, they would use a combination of text messaging with a pay as you go mobile phone, letters, and phone calls. Text messaging with the mobile phone proved to be very inefficient in their ad hoc combination of communications methods.

They have found text messaging is the best method to communicate with their clients so they chose to use several fastsms solutions that worked well with their existing systems. They use NetMessenger, Email to SMS and a virtual mobile number to allow their clients to send reply text messages. “Given the vulnerable state of many of our clients, and their low income, we’ve found that text messaging is the best form of communication – everyone has a mobile phone whereas not everyone has access to a computer to use emails. Often clients won’t answer a voice call as they are so used to being hassled by creditors, and so texting is more effective,” says Bruce Connell.

Using text messaging also has saved them time as clients often missed appointments, but wouldn’t call to cancel. Clients can now send them a text message to cancel an appointment freeing up the time for another client who needs help.