Looking to increase sales, engage your customers, and improve ROI?

Increase your response rate 10x with mobile marketing

When compared to print, mobile offers are redeemed 10 times more often. SMS open rates are over 98% compared to an average of 22% for email. This makes mobile marketing one of the most effective business strategies for companies today.

To take advantage of all that mobile marketing has to offer, you need the right tools. And you’ll find them all here at fastsms.


Step 1: Getting the opt in

To start mobile marketing, you need a list of numbers that have opted in to receive your messages. Our SMS solutions are all built to enable opt in campaigns to gather new numbers.

  • Choose a keyword on our shortcode or a dedicated virtual mobile number (VMN)
  • Advertise on your website, in print, radio or anywhere
  • Use keywords to automatically assign reply numbers to your marketing list
  • Collect numbers from shoppers in store too

You can also upload a list of existing numbers from customers who’ve already agreed to receive messages.


Step 2: Running campaigns

Once you have your list of numbers, create specific campaigns to promote your offers. Our tools can help you create powerful campaigns:

  • Rent keywords on our shortcode, or use unlimited keywords on your VMN
  • Automatically send autoresponders based on keywords used
  • Automatically add reply numbers to a list for later marketing based on keyword (segment your list)
  • Built in blacklist and auto cleaning of lists against it prior to sending
  • Run a single one-way SMS campaign without creating a list or adding to your contacts – then add numbers to a list when they reply
  • Schedule campaigns ahead of time – saves time planning and implementing
  • Set recurring messages to go out on specific triggers like birth dates – set it and forget it
  • Enable throttling for large amounts of messages sends so you’re not overwhelmed with the response
  • Setup sub-user accounts to enable a marketing team to work together on various campaigns or parts of the same campaign


Step 3: Analytics

You can generate reports to get the data you need to see how well your mobile marketing campaign performed.

  • Delivery status
  • Keyword response rates
  • Received messages
  • Unsubscribe rates

When you sign up for your free account, you get immediate access to all these great features and more. Try it, and see how quickly you’ll be running your first campaign.