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Manage Multiple
Levels of Sub-Users

Manage & collaborate with multiple tiers of sub-users

each with their own contacts, templates & credits

It’s quick and easy to build your team within FastSMS. Create an account &
you’ll get access to all admin features as well as 25 free credits for testing

Create users in just a few clicks

It’s quick and easy to add a new user in FastSMS. All you need to do is set them a username, generate a password and trigger an email containing their login details. There’s also loads of customisation options.

Hundreds of users created in minutes

Import an unlimited number of users into your fastsms account in no time at all. Define as many or as few of the settings as you need all in one go. Perfect if you’ve got a very large team or need an account for each of your customers.

Individual user reporting

Generate specific reports for sub-users on usage, message content, results and cost. Ideal for when you need to see who has sent what or you bill your customers based on usage.

More Admin Features

Contact sharing

Enable sub-users to send to all or none of your contacts, or restrict permissions for specific users to certain groups.

Message templates

Lockable message templates enable you to restrict what your sub-users can send, maintaining consistency in your texts.

Tiered users

Recreate your own internal company structure with multiple levels of sub-users each with their own reporting.

Credit allocation

Distribute credits to individual sub-users or grant access to the master 'pool' - you can always report on individual usage.

Text label

Set a default text label as your 'from' name that can't be changed, helping you maintain consistent branding.

API integration

Keep fastsms in sync with your own internal systems. Automatically provision new users & assign credits on the fly.