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Getting fit and active is expected to be one of the UK's most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2018. This is great news for the UK’s growing number of personal fitness instructors who can expect a surge in demand in the new year - provided of course that people know where to find them. SMS Marketing is a simple, low cost solution that is perfect for managing both existing clients and new leads to ensure a fully booked start to 2018.

As Christmas rushes ever closer, it's time for retailers to pull out the stops and do all they can to ensure the best possible sales at this all important time of year. When it comes to last minute marketing, SMS Marketing is a cost effective and low cost solution that far outperforms any comparable channels. So how can retailers use SMS Marketing to give their Christmas sales a final boost? Here are 7 tried and tested tips, presented in a useful infographic.

Every Christmas, there is one commercial advertising campaign that stands out above all others. Multinational brands such as Coca Cola with its iconic truck and McDonald’s, who have perfectly captured the essence of  ‘Driving home for Christmas’ are amongst those who stand out from the crowd year after year. But what are the five of the most popular ever Christmas advertising campaigns, and what takeaways can we use to make our SMS Marketing more effective than ever? Our experts take a look.

Although many will have already completed their festive wine shopping by now, many more will be out to buy in the last few days before Christmas - especially those who have yet to decide on the right bottle or case. WIth the stakes so high, it is up to wine merchants to win these customers - and SMS Marketing could be the secret weapon in the arsenal.

Christmas is a key time for businesses of every shape and size to get their message out. Whether you are selling a product or service or simply out to increase brand recognition, this is the one time of year that it matters more than ever that your brand is seen to be joining in the spirit of things - and SMS Marketing is the obvious solution. So how can businesses and brands use SMS Marketing to increase profits and build their profiles this Christmas? Here are some ideas you can try.