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The UK’s thriving eating-out market is worth over £40 Billion and all the evidence indicates this is only set to increase. There has, however, been a huge shift in the way customers interact with eateries. SMS Marketing is an excellent way for restaurants to reach both new and existing customers to keep people coming through the door and filling tables. Read this article to learn how restaurants can use SMS Marketing to their advantage and stay profitable in an ever more challenging climate.

Schools up and down the country are working tirelessly to increase the opportunities available to young people. But, with budgets being cut, these are tough times for many education providers. One of the biggest challenges facing head teachers, class teachers, and office staff is how to find cost-effective means of effectively communicating with the parents and carers of their pupils. That's where SMS text messaging comes in.

The UK dental industry is currently estimated to be worth between £6 billion to £9 billion, and has seen an average annual growth of 14% in recent years. But just like any other sector, innovation is key to long term prosperity. SMS Marketing is a versatile tool that has a wide range of applications in the dental sector - and can be used for much more than just appointment reminders. In this article, we look at some of the different ways SMS Marketing can be used by dental practices.

SMS messaging can be a hugely productive way of developing your marketing strategy. Text messages are read - on average - in less than 5 seconds. That means you only have a short period of time in which you can impress your potential customer. People are starved of concentration thanks to hundreds of digital and offline distractions, along with the many other companies all reaching out to them through SMS. In order to be effective and get the most from SMS text messages, you need to be creative with your SMS marketing. So here's how...